Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sheikh Tauseef Ur Rehman: - Fazail-E-Aamaal Ki Haqeeqat

Amr Ibn Qais Sakoni (RA) Said: I Went With My Father In A Delegation To Muawiyah (RA); I Heard Abdullah Ibn Amr (RA) Giving Speech To The People & Saying Some Signs Of The Last Hour (i.e. Qayamat); The Evil Ones Are In Control & The Pious Ones Are Been Controlled, When Actions & Adherence Are Non-Existing, Saying (Without Axns) Are Posted; To Read AL-MUSANNAT (Al-Mathnah) To The People, None Of Them Refutes Or Tries To Change It. He Was Asked What Is AL-MUSANNAT (Al-Mathnah)? He Said Whatever Is Written Other Than The Book Of Allah.
> Mustadarak Haakim Hadees No. 8810 & 8811

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