Saturday, 20 March 2010

Jalaluddin Qasmi: - Isaal-e-Sawaab

Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds - indeed, We will not allow to be lost the reward of any who did well in deeds. [Quran 18:30]

[Allah] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed - and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving [Quran 67:2]

And those who believed and whose descendants followed them in faith - We will join with them their descendants, and We will not deprive them of anything of their deeds. Every person, for what he earned, is retained. [Quran 52:21]

Whosoever does a good deed, it is for his ownself, and whosoever does evil, it is against (his ownself). Then to your Lord you will be made to return. [45:15]


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